Louis Berlin – Executive Committee-At Large


Louis runs the Berlin Consulting Group, where he spends his time helping people achieve peace of mind about their financial future, He is the author of “The Financial Fitness Handbook: Making Your Money Outlast You,” and can be found on the web at www.InsuranceForEnhancedLiving.com. Born and raised in New York, he graduated from Princeton University and received his MBA from The Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania. He moved to Florida in 1980, where he has been active in many non-profits on the local and national level.

Louis has been involved in foster care for over 15 years, as an advocate, on the Florida GAL Association board, and as a board member of National CASA. He is also involved in child abuse prevention and treatment in Israel, thru ELI and the Derech Elokim Fund for Jewish Values. He sums up his commitment to improving the lives of children in foster care as follows: “If we are strong enough to unleash the power of the atom, and powerful enough to send people to the moon, but so weak that we fail to protect the most vulnerable and powerless members of society—the abused and neglected children—what hope do we have to use the extraordinary powers given to us by God, to live in peace and preserve the Earth that sustains us?” He is married to Nancy, and has five adult children.