Marty Elberg – Board Member at Large

Martyn S. Elberg graduated from California Western School of Law in 2006. After graduation, Marty moved back to his hometown of Eagle Grove, Iowa to be closer to his and his wife’s family where they could raise their boys with the same Midwestern values they learned. Soon after he was admitted to the Iowa bar, he opened his own practice to serve the small town. After several years of being a general practitioner and transitioning their boys into responsible young men, Marty and his wife moved to Florida. He now resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, Susie. Their children live in Iowa and Virginia. One is in the Army National Guard and the other is in the US Navy.

Marty has focused on family based law since being admitted to the Florida bar in 2012, though his experience with estate planning goes back to when he prepared a simple will for one of his first clients in Iowa. His practice has evolved where he creates full plans for a family’s well-being. Marty understands the fear of sitting down and planning for the inevitable, and he prides himself on his ability to truly listen to his clients while translating their vision into estate plans that meet their desires and expectations. He appreciates the unique composition of each family and knows firsthand that thoughtful, creative customized planning can maximize both financial security and harmony therein.