You Can Make a Difference


General Donation

Help ensure that every abused, neglected, and abandoned child has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and that financial resources are available for each child’s accompanying health, educational, and social needs.

Hearts of Hope Capital Campaign

Help us ensure our Safe Haven Rooms at the Broward County Courthouse are safe, bright, cheerful rooms filled with toys, art supplies, books, and other developmentally appropriate materials for children to play with while they await their court proceeding.

The Sunshine Club

 Help recognize a child on his or her special day.


The Luke Hoyer Athletic Fund

In Memory of Luke Hoyer who loved sports, especially basketball and football.

Food for a School Break

Help provide nutritious meals to a child while school is not in session.

Enrichment Activity

Help a child have a chance to pursue their interests and build dreams for their future.

School Supplies & Uniforms

Help us start the school year off with a smile to a child by supporting with a back to school gift.

Basket of Love

Help us provide a basket of love during this spring season.

Care Package

Help us provide necessary essentials and items that make the child feel welcomed and safe.