Our Programs

Through our innovative programs and services, Voices provides the necessary resources and tools to lead a healthy, safe, and happy childhood. Our programs take a holistic approach to ensure that individual needs are met, appropriate referrals are given, and advocacy services are provided so that the child not only survives, but thrives.


Emergency & Normalcy Needs Program 

At Voices, we ensure that there are resources available so that the children in the foster care system have access to these critical needs and experiences.

The Fostering Hope: Transitioning into Adulthood Program 

Serving youth ranging in age from 17- 22, our multi-faceted approach ensures youth receive the guidance to support housing, employment, education, wellness, and other needs they may have for a successful transition.


Dream BIG Days 

These days provide a great opportunity for the children to just be a kid again and experience something they likely would not otherwise have had the chance to do.

School Break Food & Wellness Program 

This program helps to bridge the gap in nutrition by providing meals to children while they are on a school break (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break).

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