Through our innovative programs and services, Voices provides the necessary resources and tools to lead a healthy, safe, and happy childhood.

Emergency & Normalcy Needs Program

The Emergency and Normalcy Needs Program helps to provide gap funding for children in the foster care system. This program works to ensure that children have their most basic needs met and that they have the social experiences they deserve. Many times this includes hygiene products, undergarments, clothing, diapers, linens, school uniforms, and school supplies. Normalcy support will allow youth to celebrate birthdays and participate in activities such as school field trips, sports, arts, etc. At Voices, we ensure that there are resources available so that the children in the foster care system have access to these critical needs and experiences.

Dream BIG Days

Dream BIG Days provide an opportunity for the children to experience enriching venues, cultural institutions, and events throughout the year. Because children frequently feel they are at fault for being removed from their home, efforts to build self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence through celebration and enriching opportunities is paramount. These days provide a great opportunity for the children to just be a kid again and experience something they likely would not otherwise have had the chance to do.

School Break Food Program

The School Break Food Program bridges the gap in nutrition during the Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks by providing nutritious meals while school is not in session.  The Program is designed to reduce barriers to ensure that children have access to the nutritious meals they need to grow, learn and play during break and to help ensure their bodies and minds are healthy and strong for when they return to school. Our program is a multi-tiered approach: providing nonperishable food to children when school meal programs are unavailable, workshops to educate on healthy eating, and provides food baskets during the holidays.

Volunteer Recruitment, Retention, and Training Program

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Program helps to recruit and retain quality volunteer Guardians ad Litem. These children need a lifeline, someone who makes them feel normal in a world that is anything but normal. Someone who helps them feel safe. Someone who can make the future less terrifying and even something that they can look forward to. Volunteer Guardians ad Litem offer just that. Guardians ad Litem are appointed by the court to represent the best interest of these children. They gather incredibly important information for the court so that the best decisions possible can be made for the children. They are also mentors and spend time with the children, letting the children know they are important and helping them find some joy and hope again in their lives.