School Break Food & Wellness Program

This program helps to bridge the gap in nutrition by providing meals to children while they are on a school break (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break). The program uses a multi-tiered, home-based approach, which is designed to reduce barriers to ensure that children have access to the nutritious meals and healthy activities they need to grow, learn and play and to help ensure their bodies and minds are healthy and strong when they return to school.


The program operates in conjunction with the Broward County Public Schools. In addition to providing nutritious meals, the program also provides opportunities for the children in the program to participate in a sport or another physical fitness enrichment activity of their choosing by funding the cost of sport or another physical fitness enrichment activity. Lastly, the program works closely with child and caregiver to provide any advocacy, case management, referrals, and any other services that may be needed so that the child not only survives but thrives.

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