Voices for Children of Broward County (Voices) works to ensure that every abused, neglected, and abandoned child in Broward County has a court- appointed Guardian ad Litem and that financial resources are available for each child’s accompanying health, educational, and social needs. To accomplish this mission, Voices collaborates with the 17th Judicial Circuit Dependency Court Division and the Guardian ad Litem Program to serve children who have an open and active dependency court case to meet each of their essential needs during this transitional period and to give them a voice throughout the entire court proceedings by working with the appointed volunteer Guardian ad Litem.

Voices was formed in 2011 and became the first, and it remains the only, non-profit providing gap funding and programs solely for this population of children. Since its inception, Voices has served more than 7,000 young people who have faced the deep wounds from a crisis of parenting. In helping them to secure the basic life needs, essential education, and social experiences they equally deserve, Voices’ is ensuring that each young person in the care of the State, in Broward County, discovers his or her own resilience and strength. Voices is committed to leveling the playing field so that every child in the foster care system has what every child deserves, a Guardian ad Litem volunteer to help guide his or her safe passage through the child welfare system, opportunities in which to prosper, and a successful journey into a healthy, stable, thriving life as an adult.

While there are other programs offering a broad array of services to assist children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, Voices focuses exclusively on providing gap funding and programs solely for children who have an open and active dependency case in Broward County. Through our innovative programs and services – Emergency and Normalcy Needs Program; School Break Food Program; Dream BIG Days; and Guardian ad Litem volunteer recruitment, retention, and training programs – Voices provides the necessary resources not only to help a child survive but also thrive.